Zontes has just added a laid-back cruiser styled motorcycle to their 310 range. The current model line-up will now consist of the naked 310-R, the faired 310-X, the adventure styled 310-T and the new 310-V.

In true cruiser fashion, you sit low in the V with feet-forward controls. The handlebars sweep back and overall the design is quite elegant. Small details add nice touches to the design. Case in point are the rear footrests. When not in use, they integrate with the rear body panels. The stubby exhaust and the fatter rear tyre are all items you would associate with cruisers.

The 310-V also brings uprated brakes and a new dash to the table. The brakes are noticeably better than on the previous models, courtesy of larger discs and updated electronics. The new dash, though, is a revelation. Up to now, Zontes models have been using LCD displays, but the new dash is a full-colour TFT display. Not only does it look much better, it is not short on features either. The dash offers four distinct themes that changes the layout of the display. It even offers Bluetooth connectivity for further functionality.

Because the bike is so low, it will make the ideal companion for people of a shorter disposition. New riders will definitely not be intimidated by the 310-V. It shares the familiar Zontes 312 cc engine with the other models in the range. Power is 26 kw @ 9500 rpm while the torque figure is 30 Nm at 7500 rpm. The engine is powerful enough to haul the V through traffic effortlessly, and more than capable of keeping up with highway traffic. With no wind protection, higher speeds do cause some discomfort, but that is what you sign up for when you purchase a cruiser.

The controls on the 310-V are not unlike the other models. There is an abundance of buttons on the handlebars, but that is because almost everything that can open or detach from the bike is controlled by a button. You get used to it quickly though.

For me personally, Zontes has a real looker in the 310-V. It is a very elegant looking bike, and that is indeed high praise for a 310 cc commuter. The 310-V should be in showrooms soon, so do pop in and have a look. I loved it!

Article and Photos: Brian Cheyne (Ultimate Drive)

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