Preventative maintenance is the best maintenance.

Whether you own a classic car, boat, truck or even new car, petrol or diesel, you need to know about Fuel Doctor. But before we give you the technical detail, if you think this is just another promotional article about a product we encourage you to Google Fuel Doctors and see the myriad of testimonials and endorsements from individuals and businesses alike. From 30-year old Landy’s with 600k on the clock to yacht owners and even the Brisbane Bus Service. This product has continuously worked the clean fuel systems and increase the longevity of engines.

So what exactly is it? Fuel doctor is a Fuel System Cleaner, Conditioner, and Stabiliser. Established in 1994, the initial focus was the cleaning of underground fuel tanks for emergency power generators in the high-rise buildings of Brisbane’s central business district. The next phase of the business included the de-sludging and cleaning of underground tanks in service stations, truck stops and marinas. It’s from these heavy-duty contracts that Fuel Doctor was developed.

Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner is specifically formulated for Diesel, Petrol and Two-stroke fuel systems to clean gums, varnish and carbon deposits, disburse moisture, kill and disburse microbial material whilst increasing lubricity. The by-products of Fuel Doctor’s formulation are increased thermal efficiency equating to a nominal increase in power, economy plus a decrease in particulate (unburnt fuel). Fuel Doctor breaks fuel contaminants into sub-micron particles allowing them to pass safely and harmlessly through the fuel system to combustion, with no detrimental effects to fuel pumps, injectors catalytic converters or particulate filters. Fuel Doctor will stabilise and extend fuel storage life for up to twenty-four months for petrol and five years for diesel.

In Short, it cleans your fuel system, maintains fuel quality, extend the lifetime of fuel pumps & injectors, optimises combustion & increases power. No marketing hype, snake oil or smoke and mirrors here just consistent diligent attention to detail and hard work has given Fuel Doctors a credible edge in a very competitive industry.

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