use coding to make thinking visible

You may have seen people typing furiously with furrowed brows staring at their laptop screen and thought, “What a waste of life.” And sometimes, you’re right. Using a computer is the same as using a hammer. Well, not really, but in one way it certainly is:

Both computers and hammers can be of amazing help… or for utter destruction (which can be fun too)

So, then, what is coding and why should we use it in education? Well, coding is simply telling a computer to do something. The most exciting part is that, often, it does what we want it to. Coding can help us to leverage the power of computers to not only access information, but to create and wield it to do amazing things.

Code has connected people from all over the world.

Woman using mobile and smiling

Code has helped millions of people make their thinking visible.

And that’s what we’re after. We don’t want our children to be computers who can just output information. We want our children to be smart. We want them to be able to solve problems that haven’t even been created, yet.

Solving problems that aren’t even around yet is the kind of skill that coding fosters.

Do you need coding to do get these 21st Century Skills?

No! Of course not, but it does make it a lot easier. In the same way that you can build a house without a hammer, it’s possible.

It’s just not the smartest option.

So, then, the conclusion is:

Be smart and use coding to make thinking visible

Whether you’re a home school parent or a class teacher, there are online courses and robotics starter kits (with a full online course) to get you up and running in this essential movement in education.

Otherwise, be sure to check out the homeCode website, the homeCode educational technology shop for more, or just email me directly at if you want some advice or just to say hi.

Until next time, keep exploring!


(Qualified teacher with 10 years+ experience and founder of homeCode)

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