The George Municipality Cleansing Department supported Sikhula Sonke Cooperation  business by giving them garden tools, masks and gloves to clean illegal dumping sites in Thembalethu recently.  The Sikhula Sonke Cooperation  asked the Municipality to assist them in helping the community of Thembalethu. The group from Sikhula Sonke Cooperation started the operation “eliminate illegal dumping site” to turn the dumping sites into gardens and play parks for children.

The organisation uses some of the materials they find at the dumping sites to upcycle and re-use materials when building benches  and more. The Municipality uses a JCB to remove all the rubble the organisation does not use for recycling.  They have started the first phase of the operation on Friday, 23 August 2019 when the group  cleaned the first dumping site at All Bricks Community Hall, Tabata Street, Thembalethu. The cleaning process and planting of flower gardens and building parks is a work in progress. Attached is a picture of the site as it looked before the cleaning operation and after pictures of the cleaned site. Sikhula Sonke must still put chairs and benches made of plastic containers on the premises. If people have plants or compost they can donate to this worthy cause please email Lunga Pieters at

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