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2 months remaining of the year!

What an interesting year to reflect on!
Less than 2 months remaining as we are already a few days into November. Here in George we are still kinda stuck in winter if we look at the weather and the predictions made going forward. But not everything always works out as it should, right?
But rainy days are good days for hot food, hot drinks and catching up on some reading. You spare your beach outings for sunshiny days! There is something good in everything we got, everything we go through and everything that doesn’t go according to plan. This makes me think about marriage – your partner being so different to yourself and brings unique elements to the package. As for myself, those who know me, I am a very organised person who likes planning ahead. My husband, on the other hand, is very spontaneous. This makes for a good hiccup now and again! My black and white side cringed quite a lot at the beginning of our marriage. But now, being happily married for 2 years, I start to enjoy moments of spontaneity and doing things outside of the box.
This just shows how adaptable one can be.
And this was a trait needed for most, probably close to all, of us for the year 2020. We all made plans. We all had the ambition of “This is going to be a year for GREAT things!”.
And then the unexpected struck.
Bound to our houses.
Bound to our own thought patterns.
Bound to way to much online and screen time than intended.
We had a lot of tough and negative circumstances to face and witness. It was in many conversations and COVID results were all over the news. But recently I asked the Mastering It team to share some of the good that came out of their year so far and this is some of the responses I got:
So may the year 2020 remind us of our strengths and that we are capable of more than we think. May we be encouraged to see the best in everything and keep on pursuing those things we are passionate about.
This year might only have little than 2 months remaining but in those little than 2 months we’ll have enough time to start a new hobby, plan for desires for 2021 or start volunteering at a local NPO.
Put in the last efforts to get the best out of 2020!

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