I have read many books and attended several conferences where the author or speaker always say something very unique. It is striking and I don’t even think they realise it sometimes.

“You need to live in a certain way…” From Wallace to Robbins this is a quote frequently referred to in some way. You hear teachers say this and holy scripture mentions it several times. So what does “living in a certain way” refer to? Initially I thought it meant to live like the thing you want to become. Trust me, don’t try living a millionaires lifestyle if you earn a middle class salary. That is not the way this works. Rather follow the path you have chosen from start to finish. Do so with a wholehearted belief that you are on your way to achieving the life you envision for yourself.

Note, I said “start at the beginning.” Living in a certain way means that there is no jumping to the fun part without doing the groundwork first. There are quite a few different ways to start. Certain ways might even speed up progress, keeping in mind that it is directly related to the method being used. So, you still need to start at the beginning. “Living in a certain way”, in order to become successful sounds a bit mystical and no one can really tell you exactly what you should be doing. This can sometimes lead to great frustration and even resentment of self and the goal.

A good advisor will generally tell you more or less where to start and how to keep going. You need to realise that “living in a certain way” will need to happen in your unique manner. There is in fact a set method to success in whatever endeavour you wish to embark on. (Want proof? Just look at the people who have achieved it before you.) Again it’s not as easy as the books make it sound. Nothing can prepare you for the obstacles you will face along the way. The mental and emotional battles that you will face have crippled many brave starters. Here, “living in a certain way” becomes crucial.  I will share my method with you.  (This is unique to me) It has worked for me and will serve as a guide to enable you to establish your own method and understanding of “living in a certain way.”

My purpose is to work with people around the way they understand their environment and adjust to new input. I do so in order to help them best express their understanding and find the way that best works for them. But where does this leave you and “living in a certain way?” I have a rule that I try to keep myself by, while making sure others understand this as my way. “I give the best I can, to the best of my current capability in all actions I take.” “In return I expect the people in my immediate environment to deliver the same but at their current capability.”  In addition I have recently added the following. “If it does not give me my desired results I simply stop the action and refocus on the ones that give results.” That’s it and remember that everyone will have a unique method.

Spend some time thinking about my words, maybe read this article again, and then again a week later. Look at how you can “live in a certain way” to help you get closer to your goals.

Every goal you would like to reach requires a certain way of conducting your life. Find your right way and it’s as good as done.

As always, myself and many others are here to help you on your way. Feel free to ask at any time.

Good luck and remember to have fun.

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