Press Release: Issued George Municipality, 29 June 2020

The George Municipality continues to feed its communities during the Covid-19 crisis via 137 municipal soup kitchens across the municipal area, supported by the drive-through donation centre at the Civic Centre.

Emma Mehlo (in red) serves meals from her home in Lawaaikamp.
Rosina Gordon (right with pink ‘doek’ – person in yellow unknown) hosts one of the largest soup kitchens in town from her house in Pacaltsdorp. She currently serves 200 people twice a day and served 600 people twice a day at the height of Lockdown Level 5.
Rose Smith serves meals from her home in Conville.







George Municipal Manager Trevor Botha said thousands of people remained dependent on the municipal feeding scheme, despite many having been able to return to work or school feeding programmes as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were eased over the past few weeks. “At the height of Level 5 lockdown in April and May the municipality served 22 000 people at soup kitchens twice a day and we continue to serve nearly 9000 meals twice a day in vulnerable communities across the municipal area.

“The ongoing success of the municipality feeding scheme is proof of the extraordinary people who work and live here – from dedicated staff who go on working long hours, seven days a week since Covid-19 measures started taking effect in March, to the ordinary people who selflessly host soup kitchens in their homes and hundreds of volunteers who serve there every day, no matter the circumstances. We could also not have done it without donations of food and goods from individuals, business and NGOs that have been generously and diligently delivered to the municipality’s drive-through centre at the Civic,” said Mr Botha.

All 137 soup kitchens will continue operating for the foreseeable future and the donation centre remains open to receive and distribute donations of food, cleaning products and goods.

Individuals, business and NGOs can continue to donate at the drive through centre on weekdays 10am-4.30pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm (closed Sundays and public holidays). People using online grocery delivery services wanting to donate, can make up an online basket and enter the delivery address as Drive-through centre Civic Centre, 71 York Street, George.

What to donate: Cooking oil, salt, mielie meal, wheat flour, yeast, Wheatbix, milk, sugar, coffee, tea, OROS, samp, beans, soya mince, macaroni, soup powder, spices, stock and fresh or frozen or canned vegetables, meat and fish. For cleaning: dishwashing liquid, sponges, dishcloths, bleach, all-purpose cleaner, handwash laundry soap, hand soap and toothpaste.

Donated items are sanitised and then stored in and distributed from the Banquet Hall, which is being managed to conform to strict health and hygiene protocol.

Soup kitchen enquiries: 044 802 2000
Donation Centre enquiries: Johann Crouse 073 301 9595


Distributed by George Municipality Communication Department

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