It was during lockdown that we, at Mastering It, had the opportunity to think outside the box and keep on making a difference in children’s lives! And what fun did we have indeed!

We started our first ONLINE Kids Arts workshop. 

With everyone being on Zoom and having their school activities & classes through this online platform as well, we thought it well to utilise it for workshops too. We set out some activities, informed parents on what we’ll be doing and with their help, the kids could enjoy mornings of diverse and out-of-the-box crafts & arts.

For all things, there is a first and we thought this played out quite well. Children are such a joy!

With the COVID regulations changing to being less strict, we will also be having our FIRST Face to Face Art workshop for kids in December!
We will have something prepared for age groups between 4 and 13 years old, and we’ll add some life skills to the day’s outline as well. Having a group of people passionate about children makes it so much easier and more exciting to put such an event together.

Need more information?
Go and check out our Facebook page and event details:,

Or contact us directly – Maryke Jooste @ 072 372 4353 /

Hoping to see you there!

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