The future is in your hands, you just have to plant the right seeds.  These words could not be more relevant in the crisis our world currently battles.  The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it another major hurdle, and that is one of critical hunger.

Arguably the greatest need one could face, is that of hunger – and sadly, one of the most difficult challenges to overcome.  The sustainability of food security comes in helping communities to help themselves.  The most successful solution to this, is that of teaching people to grow their own food and to use excess provisions for bartering and sales, thereby generating an income.

The Living Pantry project, initiated by the Eden Lions Club and the LoveGeorge Network, has been launched to promote the growth of permaculture community gardens.  With the guidance and direction of experts, they hope to see a new excitement in the region as nutritious and healthy fruits and vegetables reach our tables, from right out of our own gardens.

At a time when schools are closed and fighting to get back to some normality, essential learning still takes place – perhaps a different kind of learning, where our youth are taught real life skills for survival.  This has been demonstrated by Liam McDonald, a grade 6 learner from Glenwood House, who has started his own project, Feed a Friend. By collecting non GMO heirloom seeds for the Living Pantry he will be able to help those who will be creating their very own urban gardens.

Liam McDonald – Grade 6, Glenwood House

Liam has shown amazing initiative and can be commended for his contribution towards  one of the most important projects our city will see during this time.  If you would like to support Liam and the Living Garden project, please watch out for the FEED OUR FRIENDS posters at key locations, and make your contribution towards the cause.

The first donation box is already placed at Hygrotech George, other locations will be announced on the official Facebook Page:

Seed donation box located at Hygrotech George

For more information, or to become one of our first Champion Gardeners, please join the facebook page above or Whatsapp Carl van Blerk on 082 826 0731.


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