Prof. Anton was scheduled to talk to the community at PvR community church on Wed. 19 March 2020 but that had to be cancelled. Due to the cancellation we recorded an interview with Prof. Anton to get a better understanding of the pandemic, how it spreads and how to best avoid contracting the disease. It was a very insightful talk and we thank him for making time in his schedule for us, and arming us with knowledge.

NB! To anyone viewing this Video
Please note that I shared the video as a public service to assist the effort of informing the community about Covid-19. I am not a health worker and is not in any position to give any advice other than what has been presented in the video by Prof. Anton Stoltz. I will thus not engage personally in any debate.

The Health Department’s emergency hotline number is 0800 029 999 – (Health Department’s Website)
Whatsapp support line for Covid-19 is 0600 123 456

Prof. Anton Stoltz
UP ISMC Management Committee member
Head of Infectious Diseases; Steve Biko Academic Hospital
Department: Internal Medicine

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