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Meridian Realty is a dynamic estate agency operating throughout most of the Western Cape and Gauteng. Our property portfolio includes houses, apartments, vacant land, farms & small holdings.

Our expert team of property specialists will be privileged to guide you with their knowledge, experience and genuine concern for your personal needs. We are here to assist you in making an informed lifestyle and/or investment decision.

We would love to hear from you! 

Why list with Meridian Realty?

Listing with Meridian Realty means listing with one of the leading realtors in South Africa actively busy changing the real estate landscape for agents, sellers and buyers. We embrace new technology whilst remaining a company firmly built on traditional values such as honesty, integrity and openness.

Get an accurate idea of what a realistic asking price for your property will be through a comparative market analysis carried out by fully qualified professionals at the top of their game; showcase your property with the help of state-of-the-art photography, videos and virtual tours; harness the power of social media and much much more…

Exceptional Customer Service

We will look after your needs from the moment you request to list your property with us until after the deal has been registered at the deeds office. All transactions are scrutinised by one of our principals before getting signed and sent to the attorneys.

Leaders In Their Field

Our dedicated deal-tracking department will ensure you are regularly and timeously updated during the marketing phase and after the deal has been signed on your property. Our agents are EAAB-registered and receive regular training thereby ensuring you’re home is in the hands of fully qualified professionals at the top of their field.

Contact Us

Annatji Nel 078 217 4305 annatji@meridianrealty.co.za
Aurora Fourie 063 683 9593 aurora@meridianrealty.co.za
Bert White 082 881 0167 bert.lynette@meridianrealty.co.za
Cecile Roestorf 082 863 5533 cecile@meridianrealty.co.za
Christo Fourie 079 285 0337 christo@meridianrealty.co.za
Frans du Plessis 072 213 0963 frans@meridianrealty.co.za
Hilda Botha 082 934 7142 hilda@meridianrealty.co.za
Jacolize Young 082 789 3040 jacolize@meridianrealty.co.za
Luzanne Marais 071 407 5233 luzanne@meridianrealty.co.za
Lynette White 082 854 1167 bert.lynette@meridianrealty.co.za
Madel Breedt 083 632 5100 madel@meridianrealty.co.za
Mari Coetzee 073 335 6612 mari@meridianrealty.co.za
Paddy Dalzell 083 652 6004 paddy@meridianrealty.co.za
Pavlina Papadakis 083 315 1184 polly@meridianrealty.co.za 
Phil Birch 079 383 0774 phil@meridianrealty.co.za
Pieter van der Merwe 082 920 2662 pieter@meridianrealty.co.za
Ria van der Westhuizen 082 400 9675 ria@meridianrealty.co.za
Sanet Campbell 084 574 0605 sanet@meridianrealty.co.za
Stephan Pelser 072 138 2341 stephan@meridianrealty.co.za
Susan van der Merwe 074 409 7878 susan@meridianrealty.co.za
Talita Pool 072 530 4327 talita@meridianrealty.co.za
Tinka Duncker 083 279 4943 tinka@meridianrealty.co.za
Tius Van Rooyen 072 249 0407 tius@meridianrealty.co.za
Tommie Thompson 084 328 4879 tommie@meridianrealty.co.za
Veronica Hanekom 083 501 0839 veronica@meridianrealty.co.za
Willie De Klerk 082 420 1672 willie@meridianrealty.co.za
Zelda Els 083 259 2401 zelda@meridianrealty.co.za


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Christo Fourie and his bride Aurora Fourie move from Gauteng to George 2006 after his best friend was murder in a robbery, they were at that time in the ministry and move to George and start working in Syferfontein by bringing Christ and food to the community. Christo was involved in various communities served with food for the body and soul. Christo loves people and therefore his involvement with fellow George Agricultural Show, neighborhood watch, “Georgiete Staan Saam” and now Love Goerge. Christo is a well-known person in the George community. Christo joined Meridian Realty Garden Route an Estate Agent. He abides and follows the written “Ethical behavior as a Real Estate Agent” and the EAAB Code of conduct to the last letter. This is evident in both his personal and working environments. He has a strong Christian faith, which sets a strong value system by which he lives. Christo continually carries himself with grace sand exudes professionalism in all he does. From daily contact with people, in all spheres, top of mind is to ensure he has all people’s best interests at heart. In no way, and to the best of his ability, intentionally misleads or misrepresents either himself, his clients or the community.