SELA co-publishing launched the LOCKDOWN LETTERS book at The Table on Monday 2nd November.   

A compilation of memoirs, poetry and artwork can be found in this God-centred anthology of profound life lessons found and honestly scribed into a manuscript for mankind. During the month of July 2020, SELA co-publishing and Mentor’s Collective initiated this community project.  Many written submissions were received from South Africans from all walks of life. We selected 40 written pieces in both English and Afrikaans but realized we needed a cover to captures the heart of this project.  Prompting the Christian Art community of South Africa for their lockdown art, we once again we overwhelmed by the talent and the visual messages captured.

No less than six entries from Georgiette are featuring in this LOCKDOWN LETTERS book, including Ps Ockie Taylor with his letter “Kerk toe”, Herman Pienaar wrote of his Covid fight and Anneline, founder of SELA, captured the unique Passover of 2020 with her poem “Asem uit, Asem in”.
Authors and artist from Port Elizabeth are eagerly awaiting the PE launch on the 7th November.

Today some authors came to collect their pre-print orders while members from the public who saw the advert of the pop-up shop launch, came to purchase their copy.  The book is listed on the website for R150. No delivery charge apply to books collected in George. Follow the Lockdown Letters Facebook page for future events and community projects.

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