As I start stacking the wood to begin a braai fire I take a look around and realize that I have ready all the items I need. The items are also positioned in the exact places that best suit my style of fire making. I go about making fire like it was second nature. In no time at all the atmosphere is buzzing with the joyful chatter of friend having a good time.

None of this happened by chance. There was a practiced method with precise yet simple rules to follow.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” (Albert Einstein)

The world we live in is made up of rules. Some of these rules are set in stone. First we need to understand what the rules are that will lead us towards our goals.  In order for you to make anything happen there are certain steps to follow and tools you will need. A good example is a “braai” fire, you need oxygen, fuel and heat. Without any one of these elements present a basic fire will not start or sustain itself. So the fundamental rules to start a fire is the presence of oxygen, fuel and heat. That is all there is to it, now you can make a fire. 

You can attempt to make the fire using any combination of these elements and there is a high probability that it will work. Some methods better than others.., but the fact remains that you cannot start a fire without the fundamental elements being present. In your personal, public and professional life there are basic elements or rules you need to follow. You need to identify these rules, the details thereof and then systematically apply it to your unique situation. Rules are all around us from relationship matters to gardening and like a well-kept garden a relationship also blooms when the proper practice is applied.

This requires a clear mind, focus and dedication. This method can be applied to any situation and is a failsafe method used by successful people around the world. I recently watched a business coach losing his temper with a group of trainees that did not follow the rules or “scrip” to success. Part of what the coach referred to was creating future problems that did not exist.

So I will end by saying this.

Learn the rules and follow them. The best method of application will become clear as you practice the rules. It’s a proven method, why waste time doing anything else? Deal with problems as they arise, don’t create problems where none existed.

We live in the information age. There are many self-help books, online videos or life coaches and counselors that will guide you towards the rules to best suit your needs.

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