The journey of a mother, Lindé Marais, and adoption.

Since my years as a teenager in high school, I just knew that adoption would be part of my future one day. It was just something God dropped in my spirit, a little gift box to leave on the shelf until the time was right to open it. Naturally, my future husband had to know about this gift and be open to the idea to walk the journey with me. When my husband and I got engaged we talked about it and he was open to the idea of adoption as well. So, the gift was left on the little shelf in my heart until the time was right. 

Every new year I ask God if there is something specific He wants for us in the coming year and in 2018 I felt Him whisper into my heart that it was time to learn more about adoption. Get to know the process and read up on what the Word says about it. The more I read up on adoption the more I realized that it has always been part of God’s redemptive plan. 

God adopted us as His children. He did not ask where we come from and what we did to earn His love, He simply made us His children. Where we come from and what we did before we met Him is now irrelevant, because He is our Father and we are now part of His lineage. It is as if our life before God never happened, we are a new creation conforming to the image of our Father. 

Jesus saved us, but He did not leave it there! He also adopted us into His family, God’s family. We are now heirs to the throne of Christ. It is in this family that we find life in abundance. Adoption is life in abundance for me. By following the example of my heavenly father our family can experience life in abundance. We are not saving anyone, that is Jesus’s job, we are just stepping into life in abundance. 

If you are interested in learning more about God’s heart for adoption, I suggest that you listen to 3 sermons on the website of Austin Stone church in Texas.–adopted

I also read Adopted for life by Russel D. Moore and can highly recommend it.

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