As humans we have the tendency to complain that things are hard and that the odds are stacked against us. Look, with the year we have all had this is more true then it has ever been. If you are fortunate enough then you are living paycheck to paycheck. With less fortunate people depending on charity and the odd job here and there. Many business owners are considering closing their doors, if they haven’t already done so. Some entrepreneurs are now working for companies to get stability until our current situation improves.

What will tomorrow bring? Before we go further down the path of negativity and the “less than ideal situation” we are currently experiencing, I need to ask you the following. What or where would you say your current level of distraction lies at? Take some time to deliberate with yourself. Think of everything that is currently distracting you, more specifically the brainless time wasting activities you constantly partake in during your day. Most common examples would be your cell phone, social media, games, gossip, daydreaming, negative self talk and the list goes on. You will know what your vice is.

Let me put this into perspective. When a human switches between tasks during the day it takes us up to 25 minutes to refocus. To be clear, focus is when you reach that state where you truly apply yourself to the task at hand and you are in the best problem solving state. Now take 25 minutes and multiply it by the amount of times you distract yourself during the day. Interesting result dont you think? So, from when you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night you’re never truly focused on anything. Then we wonder why we never seem to be as successful as we can be.

This year I need you to remember that everything in the world we live in today is made to distract us. From advertising to mainstream media, everything out there is purpose made to get your attention. No, it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s the truth. Everyone has something to sell you and they need to get your attention by any means necessary. Next time you indulge in a mindless activity created by another to distract you remember that they applied focus in order to get your attention. They take your time and make money for themselves while doing it. You? What did you focus on?

A word on distraction: Distraction can be very healthy and is needed for well-being and psychological health. You need to control the amount of time you spend on distractions if you are a goal orientated person seeking some form of success.

Remember that time is a gift with an unknown expiry date. Don’t waste your time living a distracted life.

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