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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln 

The idea of journaling might sound like a slightly childish exercise to some and may conjure up pictures of the “dear diary” troubled years of a teenage girl. The fact of the matter is that there is a real skill involved in the process of solidifying the ideas you have in your mind, and writing them down to form a doable plan and then finally achieving it!

Without the correct training, the initial journaling attempts may feel awkward at first, but with the correct guidance, this will eventually accelerate the process to help you achieve nearly any task you set your mind to.

The basis of keeping a journal to achieve success is not about writing down every thought that comes up in your mind, although that by itself can be surprisingly revealing. It’s actually a process of prioritising the inflow and outflow of information you are faced with daily, in such a way, as to realize your dreams and desires.

A process to perfection

It is important to have the correct mindset about journaling for success or you won’t achieve your goals. You can’t really fail because any attempt you make to journal, will always help reveal what your current thought process is. And in time this will guide you in changing your habits so that you really spend your time on what is needed to achieve your goals. This process of constantly refining what information you are exposed to and what things you are spending your time on, is one of the key instruments in teaching us how to best manage our time. This will eventually cause you to start living a life where you are consistently achieving your dreams.

Most of what I have learned about journaling to create personal success came from Dean Graziosi. He is a millionaire who educates other millionaires (especially the youth) on how to achieve the same type of success he did. He ascribes his tremendous wealth and personal success to his lifelong process of constantly improving himself and his goal-setting process through journaling. He was born into a broken middle-class family, his parents were divorced and he even dropped out of high school. He learned early on that he had to improve himself if he ever wanted to rise above his circumstances. Now he is one of the most influential people in real estate, as well as a New York Times bestselling author, being well known for a book called “Millionaire Success Habits”. And, yes, he believes journaling correctly is one of his secret millionaire success habits.

Doing this practically:

I would encourage anyone reading this to put dedicated time aside each morning to plan and write down what will move you closer towards the success you want to achieve in your life. And then doing the same for a short period at night to see how much you actually did achieve and then start to plan what you will do differently and better tomorrow. I believe that by making this a part of your daily habits, you will discover that, even after a few months, your life will become radically different.

My hope for you is that this information propels you into achieving a level of success you could only have dreamed about.

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