I read about the valid concern of people when businesses are closing down. The impact on households is sad and the multiplier effect of this, is not only harming the economy of our country, but the socio-economic decline in our communities should be a real concern. It is a fact that the result of unemployment can go haywire and we can expect increased crime rates, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, etc.
It is unfortunate that the South African economy is not build on the principle of remuneration in return of productivity. Millions of people are receiving social grants without contributing productively to the economy. This is an inherited reality and I do not see that we will be able to get rid of it. The point is that economic growth will always be hampered as a result of the above. We can talk economic growth as much as we want, but this fact and the fact that our economy has no manufacturing sector will always make it very difficult.
It is also true that South Africans are being educated to become employees. When difficult times, such as now, becomes a reality, we do not know what to do and where to go. South Africans will go into a panic because our education system is not creating entrepreneurs. It is creating employees. The system does not allow for creativity, and innovation. You memorise facts and are expected to be examined accordingly. The same applies for mathematics from primary school onward. You can get to the correct answer, but if you did not follow the prescribed method, then points will be deducted.
It may be time for us to rethink our strategies. In order to change your future or achieve a different outcome, you MUST change the way you THINK. Start believing in your dreams. When you were a child you had dreams and you believed in it. Why did the dreams of certain people come true? Think of Nelson Mandela, Usain Bolt, the Williams sisters, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Martin Luther King. Did they have everything perfect in their lives? No, they changed the way they think. They did not let their circumstances dictate their futures. They could have been part of the average or normal or main stream, but they decided not be be average (the same as the rest) and they became exceptional individuals.
It is easy to go and sit on the ash heap, but there are other unconventional opportunities available. We must change the way we think and forget about the traditional economy. Look for alternatives. There are many, but we are to scared or brainwashed about certain industries. The time to wake up and smell the fresh roses is NOW!!! A lot of us do not have other options. Become the next exception to the rule and show the world that you are not normal or average. You are not the same as everybody else.
I used to be part of the traditional economy, but I have decided to go for the unconventional economy. It is modern, it is growing, it is creating the most millionaires in the world and it is an option for every person on this planet.
Let us stop complaining and let us do something about the state of our lives and let us create a future for the generations to come.
I am Forever grateful that I took the decision…

Article placed with permission.
Author Johan Bezuidenhout

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