habits to be made neon light

How do you define success? What do you want your children to know, be able to do and value?

Imagine being able to go to the people who you see as the most successful and ask them, “HOW!?”

Well, there was a group of academics who undertook such a task and they saw that there are certain habits that people who are successful have. But before we launch into this and become instantly successful in teaching and learning…

What’s a habit and why is this important?

Well, a habit is something that your mind/body defaults to when you don’t even think about what to do. It’s the way your brain ticks. When someone sneezes do you say, “Bless you.” Probably not in 2020. Now you just pull your mask a little closer and walk a little faster.

The Habits of the Mind are what we want our children to have as their go-to.

One of the most valuable gifts we can give our children is helping them know how to solve a problem.

In this series we’ll be looking at all 16 of the Habits of the Mind that will aid your teaching. We won’t just discuss them, but I’ll give you practical ways of using them in your lessons.

Like how we use ‘Responding with Wonderment and Awe’ in the homeCode Space Explorers Coding Course for Kids.

Knowing about a habit and actually getting into a habit are two vastly different things.

If you’re curious about how you might apply these habits into your teaching and routines, then please let me know what sort of topics you’re covering (for any age) and I can help with some ideas. Let’s chat on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Until then, keep thinking and keep exploring!

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