The young man and woman is our responsibility. Without us guiding and teaching them they reach out to the next best thing, the internet. Doctor Google has all sorts of answers. Some good and some bad. Without the guidance of an experienced individual the wrong information is gathered and implemented by our youngsters. Blowing off a young person seeking guidance changes our world for the worst. Imagine for a second you are observing a young person and can clearly see that they are going to bump their head. You choose to do nothing. The young person did not get any help or guidance from you and turned to the internet as the next best thing. What is the worst that could happen?

It starts with a false sense of reality being formulated by the glamorous sky castle lifestyles of the rich and famous. Communication terms and references are made from a different world perspective. This leads to the formulation of an obscured perception of reality. This young person does not gain anything. They are bombarded by information telling them to want everything and want it now. The message is clear. If you cannot get what you want then you are not good enough. This young person then deals with the anxiety of not living up to the internet’s standards. Yet we have failed to equip them with the practical application knowledge that our experience can give. Now apply this problem to the below mentioned examples.

There is the youngster that comes from an uneducated home. This youngsters education starts with the belief that life needs to be a day to day struggle. Education is not important and is seen as a waste of money because food on the table is more important. You need to fend for yourself and even though your social bonds are good, no one can really be trusted. Because of this youngsters lack of education asking for advice does not come across as relevant. This youngster will also be easily manipulated by people that do not necessarily have the youngsters best interest at heart. In many cases this youngster will be in a position where they are not taken seriously by others. Where do they turn for advice? Some famous musician or actor gloating about the corner hustle, a secret society or outlaw gang in order to get what you want in life.

Secondly there is a youngster that is gifted in translating information and applying it to the real world situation. This person seeks guidance that leads them to a clear goal or dream they have. This is still something that would have been influenced by a teacher, guide or traumatic event earlier during his/her life. This person might have had a tough upbringing and promised themselves that they will never know the struggle again. They are so strongly swayed by their convictions that they actively search for the best advice and application method of this advice. This young person would normally be identified by a “go getter” attitude and strong confident personality. In reality these people become famous and wealthy. Sounds great, right? All these traits are present in serial killers, master criminals and famous people alike. What’s the difference? Guidance.

Thirdly there is the youngster that comes from an educated home. This home has a well balanced family environment. This youngster has every possible opportunity to achieve greatness. There is ample love, a solid school education and strong social structure. This youngster has the opportunity of getting a higher level education or travel abroad. This youngster is seen as an average person in society and will probably contribute on some level. The problem here is that all comforts have always been there. Since birth this youngster has not needed to concern themselves with food or a roof over their heads. Out of their perspective things just work. These young people need to learn perseverance and application of the information they have.

Young people can very easily follow the wrong path without ever knowing. There is an old saying that applies here. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Without an active and deliberate effort to guide the young person we will surely have a society of people that cannot sustain anything except their own image. As a productive and educated member of society, sit back for a second and ask yourself what you have done lately in order to help a youngster with good advice and guidance. I am not talking about the advice you gave some youngsters to help your own agenda by not giving them the real truth.

This is something that I am really passionate about. I am annoyed when I hear someone giving negative comments on the progress and development of a young person without attempting to help them with a word or two. Do not be the person that makes fun of the lack of knowledge and turns their back on the young person. Look, not everyone was meant to be a rocket scientist but everyone has a role to play. Before passing judgement ask yourself what you have done to help or guide the youngster in question.

Be part of the solution to change the world we live in by improving another’s understanding of it.

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