If you live in the Garden Route and love biking, you are in for a treat during 2022!

After the huge success that was the Cape Adventure Bike Challenge, sponsored by Garden Route Motorcycles both in 2020 and 2021, it was decided to expand the motorcycling events in the Southern Cape.

The Cape Adventure Bike Challenge will be retained as flagship event, hosted over the same long weekend in September, while other smaller events and challenges will be added to the calendar to keep the local bikers busy and looking forward to some great prizes all year. And while the Cape Adventure Bike Challenge is very much focused on Adventure Bikes, the other challenges and events will include bike types that are limited to tarred roadways, too.

The aim of the events and challenges is to get bikers to do what bikers love most: get out there and ride. Challenges will include a passes challenge, distance challenges, mystery and other themed rides taking bikers to places and venues right in our own backyard that they might not even have known about. The prizes are nothing to sniff at either and include everything from biking-related products to all expenses paid weekends away.

The program will kick off in January 2022 and run for the duration of the year. It’s is hoped that the most popular challenges will become annual events.

Keep your eyes on the GRM Facebook Page – the January challenge details to be revealed soon!

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