Part of 269 bags of debris picked up from Ballot's Bay

Issued by George Municipality on 3 December 2021

George Municipality has asked bathers to be vigilant when swimming in the sea along our coast as debris and logs are still washing up following the flash floods of Monday 22 November 2021. Large piles of debris and logs are still in the process of being removed from the beaches by our Community  Services personnel. According to Allen Paulse, Director of Community Services, personnel  and Working for the Coast workers have been clearing Herold’s Bay, Victoria Bay, Ballot’s Bay, Wilderness beach from Leentjiesklip to Selena’s beach, Gwaiing Beach and Kaaimans mouth on a daily basis.

A team of Community Services workers and workers from Working for the Coast after a cleanup at Wilderness Beach.

Due to the tides, there is still debris washing up and because of high tides, certain areas can only be reached when it is low tide. During last week, 269 bags of debris was picked up at Ballot’s Bay. This week the crews collected to date,  62 bags of debris on Herold’s Bay beach and had to cut up huge logs that washed up as well.

Herold’s Bay: A worker from Community Services cuts a log into smaller pieces with a chainsaw.

On 23 and 24 November the teams respectively picked up 211 and 220 bags at Herold’s Bay. At Gwaiing beach a total of 80 bags of debris were collected today, Friday, 3 December 2021 during low tide. The crews also walk up the river during low tide to clean up debris. At Wilderness the teams have picked up 320 bags of debris at Selena’s beachside on 1 December and another 215 bags at Leentjiesklip.

Bags and bags of debris picked up from Victoria Bay beach.
The beach looks spotless after the crews cleaned all the washed-up debris

Debra Sauer
George Municipality
Communications Officer
044 801 9181

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