In the beginning of 2020 the rumours started.

What was happening behind the covered windows at Paddagat Shopping Centre, Shop 2, Cnr 3rd st & Knynsa rd, George? Rumour had it that a new bike shop was about to open in George. People came and went, boxes were unloaded, people tried to get sneak peeks through the covered windows. Here and there a photo leaked. Rows and rows of helmets, boots, tyres and other gear were lining the shelves. And just as all was about to be revealed… Covid hit. Lock-down!

Hardly the ideal way for a business to start. People were held up at home and weeks turned into months. When restrictions were eventually lifted people tried to make sense of a new world. It was in this gloomy time of few highlights that Garden Route Motorcycles opened. Motorcycles, gear and the open road shone like a gleaming light of hope, beckoning riders to ride once more! And ride they did.

One year later and Garden Route Motorcycles celebrated their first year in business with a discount sale, complete with free coffee and cake. This was the owner, Paul Manolas’ way to thank all his customers, ranging from Cape Town to Plett, for their patronage during the first year. Having big ranges of bike accessories, tyres and gear, of all sizes and in stock, seems to have been the winning recipe. On top of this a first rate workshop behind glass and a friendly staff always on hand to help ensures that customers come back time after time. And the story does not end here. This is but the first chapter in what is an expanding enterprise. But that surprise will be revealed on a future date…

*We at Ultimate Drive congratulate Garden Route Motorcycles on their successful year and wish that they will go from strength to strength in the years to come.

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