Name :
Garden Route birds of Prey Rehab Centre
Type: Birds of Prey Rehab Centre

Mobile number:082 490 7510
Addres:Victoria Heights, N2, GeorgeWC, 6530

Contact person:Bertus Beukes:

Website: https://www.facebook.com/GRBPRC

NPO / NPC number: 2018/208745/08 NPO
PBO number:

About :What we do?
We are a non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates and releases birds of prey in the Garden Route area. Birds of prey that are unable to be released due to severe injuries are kept and used for educational purposes.

How can the community get involved?
As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations from the public as well as the public supporting us by visiting our centre in Victoria Heights for educational tours. Volunteers from the age of 16 are always welcome, as we could always use some extra help. Volunteers are not just here to work, but we also teach them about the different birds of prey and the daily workings of a rehab centre.

Things we need:
1. Newspapers
2. Tissue paper rolls
3. Old towels
4. Medical gloves
5. Disinfectant (Dettol, Savlon etc)
6. Sawdust





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