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ODIN is a pro-life, non-profit organisation that focuses on Outreach programmes for animals in need in the Karoo and Eden Districts. We Educate, Medicate, Rescue and Rehome.

What we do is different. We are Pr-Life. We are not satisfied with helping an animal in need across the “rainbow bridge” – we believe they deserve the right to life and that every animal deserves a second chance at happiness. We believe in EDUCATION! We believe in getting the yard dog healthy and in doing so – discourage the need for constant breeding to provide puppies that were dying at a horrific rate due to the unavailability of veterinary care. We teach our children and adults in the community the need to be empathetic and to get their yard dog healthy.

Our Chairperson has Magistral Authority to warn owners and remove animals in need in terms of the Animal Protection Act 71 of 1962. It is well known that our Chairperson focuses on removing animals on chains and in cages/crates.

Our contributions are vaccinations, sterilizations, vet assistance, observation of sick dogs and returning home when healthy; monitoring all dogs and cats that were beneficiaries of our assistance, rescuing, medicating, educating, and re-homing. A large part of our services is the re-homing of our rescues all over SA. EVERY CAT AND DOG GET A HOME – whether for a day, week, month, or year at our happy shelters – they all go home! We never give up.

Our animals are socialized and run around in open runs! We believe an exercised dog is a happy dog and therefore more prone to be socialized. This, together with the fantastic outdoor exercise regime – makes for a lack of kennel stress and, as such, a dog/cat has a home with us until the day they are adopted. Our adoption costs are not prescribed – merely a donation required – since we do not want to be driven by adoption fees to cover our operational costs. It is our experience that this leads to “pushing out” the adoptions and not really matching the animal (breed) to the specific owner.

072 084 1374

c/o Tantivvey Kennels Witfontein Road, Blanco, George Western Cape South Africa 6531

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