“There is no passion to be found in playing small — in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.” — Nelson Mandela

As a University graduate myself and an “I-need-to-figure-out-my-life”-survivor, I know how tough it can get to make decisions about your Career. And even more, you need to make it in Grade 9 already when you choose your subjects, making it even more intense.

That’s why Mastering It (www.masteringit.co.za) and KipMcGrath George (www.kipmcgrath.co.za) thought it well to make FREE Career Q&A Sessions available to students. This happened 13 & 15 October and we were able to help 5 students with their Career uncertainties and queries.

We had a discussion on the following topics:

  • Self-Assessment – you need to know your Hobbies, Personality, Values and Skills in order to make an informed decision about your Career.
  • Environmental Assessment – there is a lot of opportunities out there and different industries to choose from for a Career.
  • Goal Setting – Be SMART about it! 😉
  • Action Plan – How are you planning on reaching your goals? Make it practical.

It was a great time for students to think and reflect about a few quite important things impacting their Career.

Like the quote above states – we have more potential than we realise and many times it takes great risks in order to pursue the unlocking of that potential. But I want to encourage you to not be afraid of these big steps into the adulthood life. Our lives are filled with various of decisions to be made on a daily basis and the career decisions, okay and the choosing of your spouse, are for sure of the biggest decisions you will ever make.
Get guidance and assistance with these decisions.
Attend workshops.
Get to know yourself a bit better.

We will definitely be having more FREE Career workshops in the future. Keep a lookout on our social media pages! Mastering It and Kip McGrath George.

Should you need additional advice or coaching in order to make a career decision, feel free to make contact with Mastering It:

Maryke Jooste @ 072 372 4353 / maryke@masteringit.co.za / www.masteringit.co.za
You can also follow us on Social media: Facebook & Instagram.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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