At one of the engagements with Ward Committees from various Wards are from left Dr Kosie Haarhoff, Deputy Director: Strategic Growth and Development, Cllr Donovan Gultig (Ward 18), Clr Marlene Barnardt (Ward 4), Cllr Sean Snyman (Ward 28), Cllr Browen Johnson (Ward 23), Cllr Stag Cronje (Ward 2) and Cllr Iona Kritzinger (Ward 19).

The IDP and Budget Office held several engagements with the different ward committees last week. The purpose of the IDP and Budget engagements is to engage with communities on the key service delivery issues and the budget allocation for the budget .

The Municipal System Act; 2000 prescribes that all municipalities develop an Integrated Development Plan (IDP). The IDP is a single inclusive plan of a municipality. The plan links, integrates and co-ordinates service delivery. The IDP is formulated in order to ensure that integrated service delivery and development goals are achieved in a municipality.  

In terms of legislation a municipality is supposed to develop a new IDP every five years. However, due to the impact of Covid-19 the Local Government Elections for 2021 were delayed.  Municipalities thus did not have enough time to develop a new five year IDP. In terms of the Systems Act Municipalities are allowed to adopt its predecessor’s IDP with or without amendments.  The George Municipality decided to adopt the IDP of its predecessor and the new IDP process for the new term of office of council will commence in August 2022. The Municipality however has set out a plan to engage with communities to solicit their inputs for the budget for the new financial year.

The draft budget reflects key policy decisions and priorities, rates increases and indicates where money will be spent on programmes and services. It is important to note that only ward committees were engaged for this round of public participation. And the final meeting for this round will be held on 19 May 2022 in Pacaltsdorp Community Hall at 18h00. However, a comprehensive public participation process will commence in August 2022 for the new IDP.  Communities and organisations will be given an opportunity to provide inputs for the new  four- year IDP.

Issued by George Mun 17 May 2022 for immediate release

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George falls within the Garden Route District Municipality, the third-largest district economy in the Western Cape, after the City of Cape Town and the Cape Winelands District. The Eden District is also geographically the third-largest district within the Western Cape Province. This district is informally known as the Garden Route, with George, its hub, nestled among the slopes of the majestic Outeniqua Mountains and flanked by the Indian Ocean. Because of the proximity to the ocean, the area enjoys a pleasant, temperate climate. George also enjoys the strategic advantage of being situated on the major transport routes between Cape Town in the south and Port Elizabeth in the east. This creates investment opportunities, particularly with regard to manufacturing, logistics and warehousing. Senior Communications Officer Athane Scholtz Communications Manager: Chantel Edwards-Klose