Embrace Change


I listen to people talk around me, some are going back to the office, some will continue working the new “hybrid” way for a while. Others will work from home now permanently. Businesses have changed, office space have changed, management styles had to adopt, COVID 19 has forced all of us to change. So many more people have lost loved ones, friends, colleagues, acquaintances than the years before.

How has your organisation introduced changed management during this time? No, I do not want to know what has changed, I want to know how much support are they providing in various aspects of your work environment, and you as executives, how much support are you giving your employees? Do you have a program that assists employees with grief counseling, not just the psycologist visits they can choose on their medical aid? Have you had a new team building excercise that accommodated the hybrid work environment? What about a difference in the way you do strategic planning for this year and the next five.. have you incorporated what a big impact this last 2 years and possibly the next three will have in the history of your business? Have you employed an independent person to provide an independent, objective, non emotional opinion on the current corporate culture, what your employees are really struggling with, the risk management practices and whether you should change the performance management indicators for the next few years?

Change is inevitable, embrace it, get your own thinking partner to ask these questions and hold you and your organisation responsible to ensure a positive corporate culture, increased participation and a growth in these difficult times. #planning #covid19 #environment #management #employeewellnessprograms

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