Times are tough and have been for some time. Owning a vehicle is only in reach of a fraction of the South African public. Every so often though, a new, affordable brand makes it’s debut promising to transform the affordable end of our car market. More often than not, the vehicle originates from China or India, some even with a proven track record in emerging markets. But, establishing a new brand in an established market takes time, money and a vary specialized business strategy. Too often the automotive industry and vehicle owners were let down in South Africa by various importers that has imported vehicles with no proper aftersales or back up service.

Luckily, where some fail, others see opportunity. Mandarin Parts Distributors was founded in 2009 when the economy in South Africa was at its worst. MPD created various methods of parts interpretation to identify needs in the Chinese and Indian vehicle brands in South Africa and has imported and distributed Spare Parts into the South African Market since April 2009. MPD realized that affordable vehicles must be accompanied by affordable and accessible Spare Parts. They have managed to create affordable pricing of Spare Parts by direct importation under the MPD Brand.

Brands covered include Chana, Cherry, GWM, DFM, Geely, CAM, Hafei, Meiya, Gonow, Soyat, Asiawing, Mahindra and Tata. On the Taxi side they cover Quantum, Sesbuyile, Ndlovu, Inyathi and Amandla.

Currently, MPD covers the whole of Sub Saharan Africa by supplying either by courier or via one of their franchises, the latest having just opened in George.

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