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Thursday, May 19, 2022

About Mastering It!

“A dynamic initiative…” – Best description of Mastering It. Mastering It, a business that was started January 2020 to offer people a platform that empowers...

The importance of Education

Speak to any student about their academic year 2020 and they would be sure to highlight some challenges - more than the usual of...
habits to be made neon light

Home School Teaching Success: Habits of the Mind Series Part 1

How do you define success? What do you want your children to know, be able to do and value? Imagine being able to go to...
showing frustration. photo by noah bushner from unsplash.com

3 Ways to See Your Children’s Understanding

Every home school parent and teacher can tell you that the worst thing isn't when you've spent 20 minutes explaining something and then asking...
lion protecting cub

Be A BRAVE Parent (Digitally…)

YouTube is a great tool in education. That’s why I made a channel. Several times I’ve used a YouTube video in a classroom setting...
use coding to make thinking visible

We Don’t Need Coding in Education

You may have seen people typing furiously with furrowed brows staring at their laptop screen and thought, "What a waste of life." And sometimes,...