Career as a Real Estate Agent


Rozanne has been involved in the sales industry since she graduated from university. After studying photography she began working in administration at Seeff and later decided to become a Real Estate Agent. She has also worked in America for some time and learned a lot from their perspective on sales.

Helpful tips

According to Rozanne, organisation is a key quality in a Real Estate Agent. If your day is not planned out — with room for spontaneous viewings and appointments — it will very quickly run away from you!

Confidence is another important quality as you need to be comfortable working with people as well as cold calling people.

Relationship building is a huge part of the job, so you need to make this a priority and ensure that your clients feel that they can trust you.

You also need to be:

  • Dynamic
  • Established
  • Professional
  • Innovative
  • Supportive

What is the process like?

There are 5 steps in the process of becoming a Real Estate Agent:

  1. Apply for a position at a registered estate agency as an intern

    • You will be mentored by a professional and experienced estate agent.
    • You will need to complete your FETC (the Further Education and Training Certificate) in Real Estate at level NQF 4 and receive a certificate of competence from Services SETA (the Services Sector Education and Training Authority).
    • You can combine the FETC NQF 4 qualification and the internship as long as you have completed at least 8 months of your internship.
  2. Register with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB)
  3. Complete your 12 Month Internship
  4. Complete NQF 4 Through an Accredited Provider (150 Points / 1500 Hours)
  5. Write and Pass Your PDE4

If you would like to become a principal agent and run your own business, you must be competent in NQF level 5 and PDE level 5.

All together it will take about 2-3 years for an intern estate agent to complete the whole process and 3-4 years for a principal.

Rozanne also recommends setting aside money to support yourself for at least six months after you start up, as it takes time for things to get off the ground.

What can high school students do now to prepare themselves?

  • Start educating yourself about the ins and outs of the property industry.
  • Look into free online resources.
  • Develop yourself. Work on some of the qualities mentioned in this article like confidence, trustworthiness, and being organised.

Rozanne says that she loves the process of matching the right home to the right person, as well as how unique each and every project is. Constantly working with new people and learning on the job are just part of the territory and add to the excitement of the career of a Real Estate Agent!

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