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YouTube is a great tool in education. That’s why I made a channel. Several times I’ve used a YouTube video in a classroom setting and as soon as the YouTuber says, ‘Like and subscribe and don’t forget to ring that bell’, my class would erupt.


We are more likely to be persuaded when we don’t realise we are being… persuaded.

While research shows that the greatest influence on purchasing is from parents, it’s still up to us to ensure that our children aren’t viewing things that are going to mess them up- brain wise.

brave browser logo

Enter Brave browser.

Brave browser is built from the same thing that Chrome is. But it’s better. It automatically blocks trackersthird party cookies and adverts (and yes, all those things sound as scary as they are). You can even support websites using their cryptocurrency.

If you’ve taken one of the homeCode Udemy Courses, like the Space Explorers Coding Course for Kids (give me a shout if you want a discount code, by the way), then you would have seen that I like to use real world articles.

All that advertising used to make me say, “Ah poop, I can’t pooping use this.”

I use Brave whenever I require children, who I am teaching, to obtain information from a pre-approved page. I highly recommend that you do too.

It’s free to download, so try it and let me know if it helps!

(Cover image by Brianna Reak on Unsplash)

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