Worried about whether you will have a job to go back to, and the uncertainty of a next pay cheque being all you can think of when you close your eyes at night?

For many Georgians, this possibility is going to be a reality – businesses are going to suffer, and jobs will be lost, this will have a significant knock-on effect on our economy as the rise in poverty will mostly likely see an unprecedented climb.

For many of us, we will find ways to overcome this; new employment opportunities will arise, and lifestyle changes will be necessary. But for many, relying on a helping hand is all they will have while trying to make ends meet.

It is during these trying times that those in need turn to charities, service organisations, churches and the public for help. Is helping those in need, not our responsibility if we are capable? Is it not the rent we pay for the space we occupy on the planet? For some people, this can easily be a R1 000 donation, for others it may just be R1 – it does not matter, it matters only that we all try to help! Fortunately, George has many organisations that are dedicated to making a difference – so all we ask is that YOU give us the tools, ie, the funding and the resources.

The George Municipality has appointed the Eden Lions Club to manage and consolidate all donations towards the COVID-19 pandemic, this entails providing assistance to registered individuals and families who have registered with the Municipality.

Together with Love George, a well-established NPC that aims to see George residents coming together and supporting each other at a time of crisis, aid will be given to those in need. Both of these organisations are also part of a wider network, The George Action Team, that encompasses a large range of organisation and service providers, including the Garden Route Municipality.

As Love George NPC – we are calling on YOUR support of the drive to drop off food and essential needs at the City Hall as from tomorrow (5/4/2020) between 8am and 6pm (open 7 days a week). You will not need to leave your car – the drive-through has been set up to ensure your safety.

Financial donations can be done via the: Eden Lions Club | FNB | 6223 504 5045. Enquiries or letters to confirm donations, can be acquired by emailing: carl@edenlions.org.za

Love George NPC thanks you in advance for your support during these strange times and wishes you and your loved one’s strength and good health.

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