Each of our Careers takes different paths. We have different strengths, things we get passionate about and ambitions. Making a choice about our Careers is more difficult than not. There are so many things to consider and because the decision is so big and the outcome feels so final, it makes us hesitant to actually just decide!

In this article we want to specifically reach out to High School students. And go into a more in-depth discussion around Aptitude testing

Your career has to be part of your wiring as a person.  Each person is uniquely wired according to God’s plan for your life.  If you line up your career according to your God given talents and personal wiring you will be content and fulfilled as an adult.

A deep-rooted component that we seldom take in account is our values. Which values do you have in your work place and which values do you have as a person. This determines the course your future will take.

Now you ask:  

  • How do I know what my unique wiring is?  
  • Why are the usual aptitude tests not an accurate reflection of my true self?
  • Where do I start to make the most important choices of my life?

4 Tips from an expert on making the right subject and career choices.

    1. Do your assessment on your own terms and in your own time.
    2. Don’t let a bad teacher put you off.
    3. Focus on self-awareness.
    4. Talk to a professional consultant that is really interested in you as a person.

Students should be able to choose their own subjects and/or career with an informed and current consultant.  Your family needs to sit in when the report is discussed. Students would have more motivation to learn and come to school if they were given the opportunity to choose their subjects instead of being required to take certain classes in order to graduate.

The vehicle that will help you to move from uncertain to really being convinced is CAREER DIRECT (for aptitude testing) and a consultant that want to invest in you as a unique human and your future. 

Career Direct is a comprehensive career assessment system that combines Biblical principles with cutting-edge career guidance technology and statistics. With more than 20 years of development, Career Direct has undergone rigorous testing and validation.

What makes Career Direct unique?
Career Direct is one of the few assessment tools to approach career guidance from a biblical perspective. Unlike other career guidance assessments that explore one or two facets of a person’s identity, Career Direct examines four essential components of career selection: personality, interests, skills, and values. As a result, Career Direct is one of the most comprehensive guidance systems on the market today.

Fast Facts

  • The assessment can be completed in about an hour
  • There are about 30 000 jobs currently available
  • We narrow it down to 5 areas that will fit you as a unique person
  • Career Direct is available in 18 different languages
  • Career Direct Consultants have been expertly trained to assist people through a full 3-day training program
  • Career Direct has been psychometrically developed and is statistically verifiable and reliable; a seventy page research and development manual is available to the public for review
  • Career Direct is priced according to each nation’s economy
  • Career Direct has active consultants in 47 nations, including South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Poland, The United States, and Malawi

For more information with regards to Career Direct go and visit www.careerdirect.org 

Or contact Maryke Jooste at Mastering It (www.masteringit.co.za) to make your appointment with Mariska Knoetze (Teacher, Narrative counsellor and Career Direct consultant).

Our primary focus is to invest in your Career and help you make decisions with clarity.

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