Since last year with the start of COVID-19 and lock down in South Africa, the school curriculums and routines have been changed abruptly. And that included the sports as well. With many kids being home these last few months, it’s been a bit of a great challenge to parents. The School year hasn’t started yet, kids get bored at home, parents are occupied by work commitments. It’s been an all-rounder of challenges for parents! And the reality of this year, is also school being on a on-and-off basis with kids only going to school on alternative days.

Therefore, Mastering It initiated to start with some sport activities on a weekly basis for school going children!

And in so doing, Mastering Sport has been launched!
We love investing in people and now we have the opportunity to invest in younger kids as well. We’ve been getting together since last week Monday (25 January 2021) – every Monday and Wednesday at 11h30 – 13h00, at Ground Zero. All Primary School students are welcome!
We try to get to a variety of sports in over the weeks and we’ve been keeping the kids busy with cricket, rugby touchies, frisbee, athletics and netball these last 2 weeks. It’s been extremely fun – not only for the kids, but also for us, having the opportunity to get out of the office and getting some fresh air and experiencing nature during working hours!

See our flyer for more information or contact Maryke Jooste directly at 072 372 4353 to book your spot!
We try and work in some hand-eye-coordination activities as well as this is extremely valuable to the kids. Sport is such an important part of kids’ lives and growing up years. They need to get active, make new friends and all these are possible with some sport activities! While having fun of course!

Read more about us on our website.

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