George Municipality is pleased to confirm the date for the OCC 2019 as the 12th May 2019. OCC 2019 has evolved and will include athletes with other disabilities taking part in a road running competition. Amputees (T42-44, T45-47 and T61-64) as well as visually impaired athletes (T11-13) will be able to take part in this year’s OCC, allowing the race to become more inclusive and opening the field thereby providing opportunities to a wider range of athletes. The organising team together with the sponsors are looking forward to seeing many more athletes on the road this year and in providing the perfect positive opportunity to bring people together.

The OCC challenge on Sunday 12th May, will be preceded by a Disability Sports Festival, which will run from 6 – 11th May at various venues around George. This sports festival will include exhibitions on sporting codes for persons with disabilities as well as opportunities for teams to participate against each other. The sporting codes that will be played include: wheelchair rugby, goalball, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, blind cricket, bocce and golf. George Municipality, George Airports Company and other sponsors welcome visitors and athletes from all over South Africa, to join us in a celebration of sport during this festival.

The route and other relevant information for the OCC 2019 will be communicated to the athletes and all stakeholders shortly on various media platforms. Registration documents will be sent via e-mail and will be available for download on the Municipal website

We ask that athletes or organisations who want to attend, to please send an e-mail to Jonique Claasen-Gozongo at or contact her on 044 801 6346 during office hours and on 073 311 8343 after hours.

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21 years ago Herman and his wife Carina, with their 2 daughters moved to George in the beautiful Garden Route region of South Africa. He has a passion for the people of the region and is involved in many humanitarian projects. He is co-owner of the popular Facebook group called Georgiete Staan Saam with a membership of 77 500. He is a connector and an activist for unity and works tirelessly to help all communities in George and the Garden Route to realise that the answer for the political, business and socio-economical problems of the area is to stand together, plan together and working together at a common sustainable goal of alleviating poverty. Herman is the CEO of the Love Garden Route NPC and is one of the founders of the Love George movement. He is the owner and founder of the LoveGeorge News platform and the online radio stations RadioCSA. For 30 years Herman specializes in web development and web design and through his business also offer web-hosting, email-hosting and domain-hosting. As a Pastor he has presented over 40 men's and women's camps where the main focus is to assist and guide Christians in discovering who and whose they are, discovering their true calling and then activate them into their true Prophetic and Apostolic calling.